X-Men ’97 Season 2 Will Bring Back Two Key Players from Season 1 Crew

X-Men ’97 Season 2 Will Bring Back Two Key Players from Season 1 Crew

X-Men ’97 Season 2 Will Bring Back Two Key Players from Season 1 Crew



Two key players from the X-Men ‘97 crew are now confirmed to be returning for Season 2.

Fans are absolutely in love with the continuation of the original X-Men: The Animated Series on Disney+. Only four episodes in, the storyline has seen Magneto become the leader of the X-Men, Storm lose her powers, the introduction of The Goblin Queen, and even the return of a ratings-starved Mojo.

It is hard to imagine what the rest of the season holds—let alone in the confirmed Seasons 2 and 3. But, at the very least, fans can rest assured that the score itself will remain top-notch.

X-Men ‘97 Composers Tease Season 2

X-Men '97 Season 2 Will Bring Back Two Key Players from Season 1 Crew
X-Men ’97 Season 2 Will Bring Back Two Key Players from Season 1 Crew

While speaking to The Direct in an exclusive interview, Taylor Newton Stewart, one-half of the composing duo The Newton Brothers who worked on X-Men ‘97, confirmed that the group will be returning to compose music for Season 2.

When asked if their talented work would continue past this current season, Stewart confirmed that “[they are] working on Season 2:”

“Yeah, we’re working on season two. But we haven’t started yet. I know, a little bit of the storylines and characters, which we haven’t actually got into writing it.”

“It’s always upping the ante,” he continued, teasing that it’s pretty intense what happens:”

“It’s always upping the ante. I mean, it’s pretty intense what happens. Yeah, immediately when I was told, I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s happening? This is incredible.’ So, as a fan, just as a fan alone, I am very excited.”

Going into X-Men ‘97, the pressure to get this continuation correct was high. The love of the original series was intense, and fans wanted nothing less than the best.

The composer explained that one thing they tried to do while writing music for the series “[was] always doing multiple versions:”

“Yeah, I think there’s always pressure in any project, especially when it’s something you just don’t want to mess up, something that you love so much… And so I think the answer to that is always doing multiple versions. So that way, you’re trying different things. You’re exhausting other possibilities. So when it finally comes to give other choices, you can just present different ideas and narrow down what’s working and what’s not working, which is always the saving grace because you don’t necessarily know…”

By all accounts, it seems like all the hard work worked out–reception has been nearly universally positive.

Stewart noted that “it’s a huge relief” to see all the love X-Men ‘97 is receiving:

“Oh, it’s been fantastic. I mean, it’s a huge relief. I think even if you feel good about something, there’s always in the back of your head, like, “Is this going to be received well? Especially when you’re dealing with things like these kinds of IP, where the fan base is so supportive, but when it’s not done well, [maybe they aren’t so supportive].”

As for who his favorite mutants are, he did not hesitate to list Magneto and Storm as his top two picks:

“I mean, a couple I definitely can talk about. Magneto and Storm, for me, are definitely some favorites. Magneto is just such an intricate, complicated character. And I feel like people love to hate him. But I just really, really love sort of his scope of how, where he comes from, how powerful he is. And then there’s, of course, Storm. I think she’s super underrated. And she’s so powerful that it’s great to sort of see her shine when she does. And so that was very, very rewarding to see that.”

Regarding his composing partner, John Andrew Grush, Stewart was confident that he would say Beast:

“I know if Andy were here, he would say Beast is his favorite because he sort of stays out of the way and stays out of trouble. But he’s intellectual. He’s just happy doing his job, you know, listening to some music in his little tech room.”

One day, the X-Men will come to live-action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When that day comes, Stewart confirmed he would “love a shot at it” and how the rumors he has heard about the characters’ future in the MCU are “super exciting:”

“I mean, we would be honored to work on X-Men, and I mean, I think we’ve made that publicly known that we’re huge fans and that we love it, and we’d love a shot at it. But I know it’s early days, and I think they’re getting involved. But I mean, that’s super exciting. Especially some of the, you know, the rumors that I’ve heard about what they’re working on, it’s–God, it’s super exciting, you know what I mean? And just as a fan, I’m pumped to see it… That’d be amazing to work on something like that.”

Where Can X-Men ‘97’s Story Go in Season 2 and Beyond?

Regarding the music of X-Men ‘97, audiences are likely relieved to know that the Newton Brothers will be continuing their impressive composing work for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, they will continue into Season 3 and beyond.

When it comes to the possible directions of Season 2, there are a few obvious plays—assuming Season 1 doesn’t beat it to the punch.

The first is the introduction of Stryfe, an evil clone of Cable. Given Mr. Sinister’s Jean Grey clone and the birth of baby Cable, it seems all but a guarantee that this particular clone saga is far from over.

Another option could be to explore Onslaught, a sentient psionic entity made from the minds of Magneto and Professor X. This could also be a storyline that comes up if the show ever chooses to undo Charles Xavier’s current exile from Earth.

Maybe the show could even go back and adapt the alien Brood more accurately.

It could also be fun to try and focus on more modern storylines with the nostalgic lens of X-Men ‘97. Imagine storylines like Kroaka or X-23—perhaps even Old Man Logan; the possibilities are endless.

X-Men ‘97 is now streaming on Disney+.

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