Who Is Cameron Fath from ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’? 4 Things to Know About Army Ranger

Who Is Cameron Fath from ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’? 4 Things to Know About Army Ranger

Who Is Cameron Fath from ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’? 4 Things to Know About Army Ranger




Cameron Fath is one of the three special forces soldiers who star in Netflix’s new reality series Toughest Forces on Earth, and there is much to know about him.

Toughest Forces on Earth follows three highly trained military personnel—a U.S. Navy Seal, an Army Ranger, and a British Special Forces operator—as they travel the globe to learn about the armed forces of other countries.

4 Facts About Toughest Forces on Earth’s Cameron Fath

Who Is Cameron Fath from 'Toughest Forces on Earth'? 4 Things to Know About Army Ranger
Who Is Cameron Fath from ‘Toughest Forces on Earth’? 4 Things to Know About Army Ranger

Cameron Fath Used To Be a US Army Ranger

Fath served in the United States military for eight years, mainly as an Army Ranger. According to the biographical section on Fath’s website, he divided his time between serving with the California National Guard and participating in active duty:

“I served in the US Army for eight years, splitting my time between active duty and the California National Guard. After growing up in Thousand Oaks, California I enlisted as an infantryman in 2014 and completed one station unit training, Airborne School, and the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. Shortly after, I joined the prestigious 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.“

Additionally, he filled several different roles in his position as a ranger, including fire team leader and grenadier:

“During my time as a Ranger, I took on various roles within my platoon including grenadier, automatic rifleman, machine gun team leader, and fire team leader. I am a graduate of the Army Ranger School, participated in multiple overseas joint training exercises, and was deployed to Syria to combat ISIS.”

Cameron Earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Pepperdine University

It was after Cameron Fath concluded his time on active duty that he pursued his bachelor’s degree at Pepperdine University. He also enlisted in the National Guard:

“After separating from active duty in 2018, I enlisted in the California National Guard to stay connected with the military.”

Fath obtained his bachelor’s at the Graziadio School of Business, an extension of Pepperdine. He was also employed as a security specialist and an actor:

“While serving as a weekend warrior, I was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University, while also working as an executive security specialist and actor.”

Cameron Is the Founder of Clothing Brand KITGOD

In the years since his time in the U.S. Army, Fath has diversified his portfolio. One way that he has expanded his focus is through his tactical clothing brand, KITGOD.

KITGOD was founded in 2020, and its company motto is “Always look cool.” The KITGOD website also mentions that 10% of proceeds help struggling veterans and the homeless.

The clothing company has a presence on Instagram, which can be found at @kitgod.co.

Cameron Posts Videos on YouTube

Cameron Fath has also dabbled in creating videos for YouTube. These videos mostly consist of Fath discussing his time in the army, reviewing tactical gear, and providing advice.

His most-watched video of all time, however, is a trailer for Toughest Forces on Earth.

Fath’s YouTube channel is titled KITGODCam.

How To Follow Cameron Fath Online

Those wanting to keep up with Fath on social media can do so on Instagram (@cameroncfath) and X (formerly Twitter) (@cameroncfath).

All eight episodes of Toughest Forces on Earth are streaming on Netflix.

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