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I remember a few years back zombie star Classic T-Shirt . overhearing some clerks at a Walmart, of all places, (see People of Walmart) and they were laughing and carrying on about seeing a man in leggings at the same token and store earlier that day and how weird that was. I remember thinking wow that’s a bold and possibly crossdressing fella. Fast forward a few years and I’m that fella now walking around Walmart (or anywhere else for that matter) in running tights or leggings or yoga pants or whatever name you want to use. I’m not crossdressing I’m just wearing really super comfortable compression pants that I think I look good in. Do I get stares, yes. Do I get laughed at, occasionally. Do I think I SHOULD be laughed at, no.

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In the zombie star Classic T-Shirt . and by the same token and last few years men wearing compression tights to workout in has become a real thing. See any NBA game. Sure they have shorts over top but that’s the uniform the team wears. I choose not to wear shorts over mine instead wearing a longer top or a running jacket or both. I have had teenagers laugh and point but for the most part its been ok. Some eyebrow raising and some looks of confusion have happened occasionally too. It’s fun sometimes to follow people’s eyes as they look at my face then look at my legs then face again really quickly I think hoping to not get caught looking. This is a fun little thing I’ve noticed but shock value is not the purpose I wear them.
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  1. Kristi Vagher

    nice. will buy again.

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