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I’d argue we have the most Zip Adee Doodah shirt . drivers I can remember at any one time right now, but they generally don’t get to maintain an identity the way these guys in the 90s and 2000s did, because their paint schemes are different every week. Depending on how you slice it, both the former DuPont Automotive Finishes division (Axalta) and Anheuser-Busch (Busch/Busch Light) are still in the sport. So really there would be 5 or 6 depending on how you look at DuPont since the larger DuPont organization is now merged with Dow.

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Marlin’s Coors on the top behind Jamie Zip Adee Doodah shirt . Stremme are still in the sport as the pole sponsor, and now that they’re merged with Miller you could count Miller Lite on the 2 DuPont is actually now merged Dow, Austin Dillon’s sponsor. The former DuPont paint division is now Axalta. The former DuPont organization could weirdly be counted as two current full-time sponsors. Man.. 2004 I was 8 years old and was my first time watching NASCAR. NASCAR 2005 was my first game, and I played the shit out of it on PS2. This picture brings me back to my favorite times in Nascar, I know it’s only 15 years but the nostalgia hits hard with this one. Great pic. The story is finished, it was actually supposed to come out this year with Incredibles 2 next year but switched it. You could tell it was in the works for a while because Strip Weathers is Plymouth Superbird which hasn’t been used since I believe 1970. Definitely, Pixar movies usually take 4-6 years to develop. The first teaser trailer for the movie wasn’t even shown until 2005, so he wore it a year before the public knew about it. Yeah, the rumor was since PN died before they started Cars 3, they used hours of previously cut footage of him talking about racing to fill in where his voice was needed. Dude loved racing I remember the website for the movie was up in 2004 too. I used to come home from school and get on it for updates and the activities they had Teaser came out in front of Incredibles in November 2004, marketing a 2005 release date. The movie got delayed to summer 2006.
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