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that is not what is happening Zero Plucks Given shirt . I’ve experienced this before, and know what’s going on, and how to stop it and have helped others stop it….its not your brain activity or hallucinations. it’s all real and has to do with your spirit. what’s happening is this happens during the transition from sleep to astral traveling. that is when your spirit leaves your body and travels somewhere else. and sometimes you get stuck in that transition when you’re reconnecting to your body. it happens more in depressed people because they use that as an escape from what’s happening in the life. that’s when usually they are attacked by negative beings because you are more vulnerable at that time. if anyone needs help with this message me.

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Can you still consider this an astral travel if in my case just right after I fall to sleep, maybe seconds Zero Plucks Given shirt . then I’m having a hard time to wake up even though I know in my mind is awake already but I can’t move my body. Ryan Hoge, it’s easy to trick someone into believing you have done something that had to do with the body that is not tangible you have not helped anyone you are actually seeing them back.  How do you trick someone into believing it is gone when it never happens again? That would mean it worked. That’s like saying you gave medicine to someone and everything went away and saying, you just believe it’s gone. You are setting them back because you are teaching them to believe a simple biological function is something mystical. Shelly Welch or not… I’m not saying it doesn’t it exist but what ur experiencing is much more likely a simple biological experience. Ryan Hoge is a person who has been lying to himself for so long he actually believes what he is saying and so committed to keeping that lies truly in his head he wants to convince everyone else it is true. This is a well-documented process that has been proven over and over again to be the issue responsible when people claim astral projection or demonic attack in the 1800’s it was witches… Look up the term old hags syndrome. I knew what was happening wasn’t just a dream. Sleep paralysis to me isn’t just my brain woke up before my body.
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