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Actually, I don’t really know if there is Zaidy shark oy oy oy oy vintage retro shirt . way to do it. There have been multiple versions of The Holy Bible for centuries. We don’t have anyone alive that was around for the earliest of bibles we have today and it seems as if they’re still making new versions or new translations today. It’s likely a good portion of people heard multiple versions of different versions throughout life. If there is a definitive way it’d take a long time and quite frankly I’m not curious enough to go about doing it.

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These are all just things so similar it is easy to confuse them and most people remember them Zaidy shark oy oy oy oy vintage retro shirt . ways because of the time that passed or they misheard. I cannot find that one on the list but from what i can see online on weather it was found or not it was found just about every article i found said it was found except ones on pages about the Mandela effect and these offered no evidence to support this except their own memory. They probably either never learned about it or forgot. All the evidence is easily for the Mandela effect is easily disproven or explained as either people just forgetting a little bit and then remembering slightly different or people not learning something or only partially learning something.Because it’s an ME, chuckle head. This is one of the easiest MEs to prove since no one ever heard the Wembley Version but that’s what skeptics like to claim in their desperation for an answer, any answer, that allows them to go on being deniers. Remember, this was a top five hit in the U.S. & the U.K. as well as a major hit throughout the world: Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway and New Zealand all had it in their top 10. Enough already. I had the album; 10 million people had the album; and, 30 million more had the Greatest Hits album to cement the collective memory of those song lyrics. Freddie Mercury DID sing “of the world” at the end of that song and that’s that. For once the Collective Memory is absolutely right.
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