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I thought the kiss was a little forced Your friends my friends bees shirt . The Quentin relationship is moving way too fast, and it’s ruining the fun rivalry dynamic they originally had. I hope they go back to frienemies after this issue and actually build on the dynamic before getting back to the romance. Also, weird that Gwen is so friendly with MODOK. But this might be a different MODOK from hers, right? And honestly, I was half-expecting her to. I’m hoping to avoid that romance altogether, but if it happens this was definitely a rushed way to force it.

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The whole team is basically backgrounded characters right now (minus the Hawkeyes) Your friends my friends bees shirt . I 100% agree about them being background characters, I feel like Glenpool’s just being written as “girl Deadpool”. I was hoping to see her 4th wall powers be used again in this series, but I’m not sure if the writer even knows she has them. I’m thinking the romance is more so a joke than something to be taken seriously. I’m expecting it to not last much, and by the series’ end, they’ll be over it. NGL, I don’t like Quentin at all. I think Gwen is a good single for the time being AND that, if a love interest was interested was introduced, it could have much more potential story wise than…..this. She said watching him is like watching a trainwreck. That’s definitely not an indication of friendship. lol. Ok, I’m definitely behind Thompson’s characterization of Gwen after that whole “preciousness of life” comment. She totally gets that Gwen is still a hero. Also, her America is so vicious and shady, I freakin’ love her. A Hawkeye with no bow is like a turtle without a shell.

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