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In Marvel’s Scary Joker Halloween Shirt . latest film Thor: Love and Thunder, the titular Asgardian and his friends travel to Omnipotient City to rally the universe’s gods and deities against the fearsome Gorr the God Butcher. The MCU’s Omnipotent City is a grand palace, presided over by Russell Crowe’s Zeus, where gods from all cultures convene. Unfortunately for Thor, these gods were decidedly uninterested in helping his cause and eventually a fight breaks out and the heroes are forced to make a quick exit. But it’s during this key sequence in the film that several different worlds’ gods and goddesses are seen, including those of the Kronans and the Ancient Greeks. The Wakandan goddess Bastet was initially set to be in this scene as well, and was even glimpsed in a publicity photo. However, the appearance ultimately ended up getting cut.

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A new piece of concept art for Thor: Love and Thunder, posted to Instagram by Jonay Bacallado shows a new look at how Bastet was going to appear during the movie’s Omnipotent City scenes, before the character’s appearance got removed Scary Joker Halloween Shirt . Bastet shines in all her regal-looking glory, with a long black dress that drapes to the floor. It is indeed a shame that the inclusion of the character was left on the cutting room floor. So much talent, creativity, effort and time go into bringing these characters to life, and seeing their hard work up there on the big screen must be a rewarding experience for all of those who worked on the movie. So, something being eliminated from the finished film like that must prove a little frustrating. With the way the MCU operates, it’s quite likely that Bastet could still appear somewhere else in another project. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, perhaps? Maybe the character could appear in a flashback or dream seqence. Or maybe she could even have a precense on the Wakandan Ancestral plane, should one of the characters pay it a visit. Neverhteless, even though it seems like Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder just released in theaters, the film is already gearing up for its Disney+ debut, which will occur on September 8, otherwise known as Disney+ day, where the streamer is set to unveil a myriad of new details on upcoming projects.
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    This came on time and fit perfectly. Very cute. The image is crisp and clear. Very comfortable and sturdy. Well made and nice looking.

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