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Loki’s finale Legend Of Billie Jean T-Shirt . saw the God of Mischief and his Variant Sylvie being responsible for the unraveling of the Multiverse, which may open the doors to his appearance in The Kang Dynasty. Particularly since the famous conqueror has also proven central to Loki; after two seasons of his Disney+ series, Tom Hiddleston’s redeemed Asgardian may be the expert the Avengers need. Having now had his most significant redemption arc to date, it would be intriguing to see how he interacts with his former Avenging foes as a more heroic figure.

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Just as Nebula ended up being unexpectedly integral to Infinity War and Endgame due to her connection to Thanos, Sylvie could be just as integral to The Kang Dynasty thanks to the role she played in opening up the Multiverse Legend Of Billie Jean T-Shirt . But there’s no doubt the Loki Variant wouldn’t exactly be popular with her fellow MCU characters after she was almost single-handedly responsible for the chaos unfolding. When Sylvie was last seen, she was murdering He Who Remains – a Kang Variant – who told her he will “see [her] soon,” setting up further interactions in Loki Season 2 and beyond. Chris Hemsworth has had one of the longest MCU careers, and his journey is clearly still in full swing after Love and Thunder. The Australian actor has reaffirmed his commitment to sticking around in the MCU, meaning he will probably be in The Kang Dynasty to re-team with the Avengers as one of the last original heroes left.
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  1. John Hawkins

    Perfect fit. Good quality. Great price

  2. Ryan Harris

    Esta muy bien una sudadera que aunque no es de tejido muy grueso esta muy bien. La talla viene un pelin pequeña.

  3. Elizabeth Del Toro

    Husband loves these, his new favorite!

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