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What we have is a rare Just The Tip I Promise shirt . fan in sighting who is blindly and obnoxiously supporting his team and its players. This only happens once every year during migration season folks. Giants becoming the browns and the city turning green for a couple of generations is just what Dr. Luigi prescribed. Totes. If they fuck it up by not getting a young QB to groom I’ll shit on them relentlessly for just wasting more of Saquon’s prime. Not higher than Eli’s ever, but over the past few years. Eli has two years higher than what Baker had.

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I don’t necessarily look to tweets for hyper-contextual arguments because they aren’t suited to it Just The Tip I Promise shirt . If readers are making unfair inferences based on this then I think that’s on them. I agree that short statements can be taken out of context to be misleading, but still don’t see anything misleading about this particular tweet. As Seahawks. I have never experienced this awkward moment that Giants fans are going through. Two Super Bowls, Pat’s killer, love you man…but time to move on. I imagine it will be a significant improvement. Like even he will be surprised when the ball hits him in the numbers while in stride. That’s where he had the most drops though. If he couldn’t Michael Jordan pose while catching the ball his percentages fell. If Baker places the ball high to the outside then they will make magic. Real cool to see live, and you could just see the difference between and Baker really stepping into his throws, cleaner motion etc. that he was really gonna be special.  Both guys gimme similar feelings to watch and I’m excited about Browns fans after what they’ve endured for damn near 30 years. There’s a difference between willingness to extend plays and the ability to extend plays. And also, Baker has excellent escaping the pocket skills in his repertoire for a long time. I watched him at ou where he was exactly the same way. He’s great at escaping pressure. Not as good in the NFL as he was in college obviously, but he still has that talent, and I’ve seen him do on the browns exactly what he did at ou at times.
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