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A lot of Just Do It Slowly shirt . roads where I grew up. I was a small town where a lot of people started building before the economy went to shit in 2007 thus leaving a bunch of abandoned half-constructed houses and empty half-built roads leading to dead ends. It was the perfect place to drive to when I first got my license to go smoke some weed with buddies. We were in my car hanging out in an abandoned road when my car shut off, turning the lights off completely. We were in pitch darkness. I held my breath and hoped the car hadn’t died on me and turned the key, the car started right up and flashed the lights on to the dead-end ahead. A man is dressed in a very old school suit and top hat was standing there with a briefcase. We were in the middle of nowhere, no houses or anything for miles. It was 6 of us stuffed in this car.

Just Do It Slowly shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Just Do It Slowly  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Just Do It Slowly  Hoodie
Just Do It Slowly  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Just Do It Slowly  Sweatshirt
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We all saw him We Just Do It Slowly shirt . screamed. I never put a car in reverse so fast. By the time I adjusted myself to back out, he was gone. Then all of a sudden I noticed the rocking chair moving….. My mother told me and I vaguely remember it… I went over to the living room from the kitchen and said “abuelito! Buenas Noches!” Then my mom and my friend ran in and he was gone, but the rocking chair was left moving. I experienced the same day twice. This was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I woke up and had my normal breakfast and noted that. The same cartoons were playing as yesterday but reruns weren’t uncommon. I went to school and was confused about why we were going over the same stuff as yesterday but didn’t question it. The review wasn’t uncommon. It wasn’t until the end of the day we had an extra 20 minutes so the teacher was playing “guess the number 1-100/higher or lower” and you got a piece of candy if you won.
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