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Tremendous writing! I, like Jeep jesus take the wheel shirt . think everyone else here, am completely invested in this! Though I would prefer that the Patriots did not have an angel on their side. After he cleans up the Boston PD, Angel Jason is going to purge the Patriots of cheaters. One of those jobs might be more difficult than the other. I’ve kept my opinions to myself on the whole series since Restoration but I have to say I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. The way that you are intertwining

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all of these characters while still keeping the story engaging is awesome Jeep jesus take the wheel shirt . Keep up the good work. know though… I can’t help but have a glimmer of hope for even Asmodai. He actually LOVED Sara. Demons shouldn’t be able to feel love – what if he could be redeemed too?? Dude again. I wake up, see a notification and my day is 100 times better. Seriously this series is really good you should put it in the book. Let me know when you do gonna buy it for sure. When I first started reading this series I didn’t realize it was related to the other series I absolutely loved!!! I’m so glad u have kept this going!!! You should really turn this into a book!!! I’d read it all over again. Wow, definitely explains a lot…. like when Belial told Lucifer that he didn’t know “what” Sara Baker was until after he made the deal with her. Makes you wonder how many they were able to get before the Guardians got the list of names, and if any of those are like and are trying to resist.  Hope you get to save your Mom!!! This story has me in its grips, I know you have your hands full Detec — errr — Guardian Miller, but please make sure that Trooper gets a nice doggy bed in the temple so that those fucktwats in the BPD can’t get to him in retaliation! I’m pretty sure Tasha’s a friggin’ Disney princess. She walks into a Zoo she’d have all the animals doing chores for her. Least the way Trooper snuggles up to her. It is kind of cute. I am from Boston too Jason! West Roxbury actually! I can’t wait to hear more of your story I’m glad your son is doing better and I hope your Mom is O.K. I really do .T hank you and please let us know more about being a guardian! Maybe I’ll see you around.
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