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I like the Memphis announcers I Love Social Distancing shirt . They understand that is getting fouled because of the pressure he puts on the defenders. Remember when Memphis fans were rubbing being first in everyone’s faces and chiding everyone who told them that they should engage in a firesale and tank? Well, the tank came to you anyways Memphis. Love you too rockets bro. Too much tribalistic shit on here based on who has what flair next to their name. Tempted to just remove mine in favor of an NBA one. Some NBA bigs could use basic training in running mechanics. Alridge runs like he’s running on hot lava or something.

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Agreed, if Harden continues to play like this then there is no reason to play extensive minutes I Love Social Distancing shirt . Plus with the addition of Rivers, the return of Nene, Knight, and eventually Ennis, also the rise of Poochie House and Gerald Green finally finding his shot, it helps and our bench and role players have finally stepped it up. All we need now is for Gordon to get healthy and find his shot, but I think CP3 won’t ruin anything especially if he’s on restricted minutes coming back from injury. Mo was actually a child prodigy on the accordion but was forced into basketball after his massive growth spurt by family. In an interview with a small sports journalism company, I remember him mentioning that he always thinks about what could have been. Have Rivers always played like these? I hadn’t really watched him much at all before he got to Houston. He is a good player just with a bad reputation. I felt he really turned the corner in the 2016 playoffs when he kept the Clippers in the game without Blake and has been a solid rotation player ever since. Reggie’s commentating career honestly makes me diminish his great playing career because he’s the most insufferable commentator and every time I’m forced to listen to him I actually get upset. The speed of his crossovers in that clip is crazy. It’s no wonder Exum gets lost–he basically has to just guess where Harden is gonna go and hope he’s right. In this case, he wasn’t.
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