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I seriously, seriously love your writing I Cant Im In Nursing School shirt . It’s just the right mix of anime-kawaii while still being very clear, amusing, and just all-around well-written. You’re easily one of my favorite authors on here. I love the idea of the verboten literature, like just everyday notices being hot gossip on the station. A side note would totally hug back, if not for my own comfort, for the fact that it probably would make the Xenos’ day. I could imagine it getting the attention of another and mouthing something like ‘oh my god this is awesome’ without disturbing me. Well, I got that part but I mean like… it just kinda seems outta nowhere. If so, everyone seems kinda flippant about this so-called ‘invasion’. Currently, I still haven’t finished the story missions or maxed my first ARSMG team yet.

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All future events (aside collabs as far as I’m aware) have 3 chapters (I believe) with the first 2 being the main maps I Cant Im In Nursing School shirt . With rewards and such that most players are expected to be able to complete while the 3rd chapter is significantly harder AND then they include a ranking map. Ranking maps are the real “end game” of events where you’re directly competing against other players and fighting for exclusive rewards, some of which at least is quite good. Chapter 3 maps don’t have any exclusive event rewards and as such you don’t really lose out on anything really significant if you can’t complete them. The third chapter for the next event example rewards 500 of each data for maps 1 through 3 and then a special. The main issue. The other thing to keep in mind is that some people might be done with the story up through chapter 7 but not really be equipped to fight night battles very well. The next event chapter 1 is day battles while chapter 2 and 3 are the night. I believe the ranking map is then the day as well and this then alternates every event. That said Arctic Warfare is apparently not THAT difficult while the following event. Deep Dive is quite a bit harder and that seems to continue from there. No idea if we’ll have the same exact ranking. Rewards as other servers or if they’ll be modified for use in some way. We’ll have to wait and see. Medal for your ID card for beating chapter 3-4 in the event.

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