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Should also note that Hyena Agenda Store Merch Eject shirt . Iguodala, and probably Curry and Klay all repeatedly said “whatever KD decides in free agency, that’s our brother for life”. They were trying to make his decision as easy and painless as possible. He has not seemed to return the sentiment. The Warriors are not above spinning and leaking unfavorable stories after someone leaves the organization. For instance, Mark Jackson. But they really haven’t leaked much of anything regarding KD, it’s been pretty much all his side. Maybe the Warriors are just trying to avoid a lawsuit? Who knows.

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Classic Ladies
Hyena Agenda Store Merch Eject  Hoodie
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Long Sleeve
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He’s a great player, and I appreciate what he did for the Warriors Hyena Agenda Store Merch Eject shirt . He’s a great teammate on the court as well, plays the game the right way and all of. But off the court, the dude was exhausting. Seemingly not as exhausting as Kyrie, because at least KD would lock-in during the playoffs, but I definitely expect the “joy” to be back more with the Warriors next season, even if the results will be worse. It sucks because it really didn’t have to be this way, and both sides will probably be worse for it in the long run. I hope he finds what he’s looking for in Brooklyn. The constant “KD free agency” stories that came out all season. I don’t think those were all just the creation of the media, I think KD’s camp leaked a lot of stuff. It took a toll on the team. Both Iguodala and Curry have referenced how this past season was mentally exhausting, Iguodala specifically referenced the KD rumors in his Breakfast Club interview as a source of the exhaustion. My guess is Draymond felt similarly, given his outburst. Weren’t the reports about him being mad because he felt like KD wasn’t “with them”? If so, he was right.

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