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I drew seagull comics Horse wear mask ew people shirt . One depicted a man-eating taco at a beach taco stand. He turns away for a moment, and a seagull swoops down and snatches one of his tacos, and flies off with it! Even if you don’t feed them, they’d still peck at anything resembling food. They are naturally curious birds and they are nature’s garbage collectors. So, while I see many complaining, all I have is gratitude to the maker of these vines. People are to blame for that they start feeding them. Every beach Eric and I have been on we have never had that problem thank heavens. When I was younger and got to go to the beach that was the best part of the beach was a seagull I love what God has created. actually, this is the best part of the beach. It is so much fun. 

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They’re in the ocean but no 5t so close to shore! Not even funny it seems like a lot of stupid people doing stupid things like feeding a flock with one piece of food come on that’s a disaster waiting to happen Horse wear mask ew people shirt . The problem is people keep feeding them, stop and then they won’t do this. You feed the birds at your house and pretty soon all you have is pigeons. The same thing with ILLEGALS – quit giving all the freebies and they won’t come. Oh wow, jump scared…haven’t seen that before… Directors really need to learn a true art. I don’t know why but it reminds me of the final season of the vampire diaries when the open a door and lets out something dark The thought of events like this actually happening is truly terrifying. I wouldn’t say I’m super religious or superstitions… But I’m definitely not dumb enough to go looking for answers. But I thought the nun was just the demon Valak in disguise. He took the shape of a nun to attack Lorraine’s faith. That’s what they said in the conjuring 2. But then they show the nun in Anabelle’s prequel movie  I don’t find any of these movies remotely scary but I kinda like the lore and how they’re all tied into each other and you remember the connections as you watch them plus you can get a good laugh out of them.

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