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It’s also not always just the hand signs Hands up dont shoot gypsea vibes shirt . I have a rule regarding Teleportation in Cryopod. My Teleportation is heavily based off the Jumper books/movie. Smoke-form is meant for evasion, not escape. It’s basically about the same utility as fire-porting but used to dodge attacks when he doesn’t want to jump to a nearby flame.  It’s harder to explain. I think I mentioned too that every vital organ was punctured. I feel like that’s a different case. I’ll keep an eye out for plotholes like that though in the future. Personally, I think Valac and the Hero’s share something in common, I can’t place my finger on it yet but I think we might be facing a draw or better yet a compromise!

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Yeah seems to be a Plothole to me, if a Smoke form is supposed to work like that Hands up dont shoot gypsea vibes shirt . Escape. You showed how it saved from a tight situation. So even if it worked then rules-wise and not now, the intention behind its usage seems to be the same. Btw: I am really liking the refresh in many ways. But at points, it seems to veer off from Jason too much. Which isn’t so bad because Jason is a blander character than the rest, but this way the plot doesn’t seem to move forward much. By that, I mean that a new part has started but there doesn’t seem to a goal for Jason yet. You know what they say if you can’t beat them join them. A fun read and I agree with most of the points but I think you might have misidentified the Schutzstaffel and their modes of warfare. I thought Pernida was ancient. Primitive single-celled lifeforms during early Earth had to constantly evolve just for the sake of survival and reproduction. Gerard would be medieval, as he is a classical fighter with a sword and shield. Lille is modern, as he is a sniper, utilized during the WW1 and 2 eras. modern warfare is actually a term that describes the kind of warfare that rose thanks to the industrial revolutions. This part is definitely in my top 3 action scenes if this series. Really well written! And I love how salamanders are poisonous to angels.

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