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I realize this DD214 air force alumni American flag shirt . I shouldn’t have made it seem like you should only tell a story in an active voice. Both have their place in writing and I use both voices when necessary, but a lot of the times writers tend to use too much passive voice when the far better alternative would be to use an active voice. While well-intentioned, this advice is limited and, ultimately, irrelevant. For “newbies who wish to become better writers,” the best advice is simply this: “Read more, write more.” If you have questions, pick up another novel. If you want to work out answers, write. I agree with you in that newbies should be focusing on simply reading and writing a lot, which is obvious, but would this list be as irrelevant if it was aimed at writers in general? The reason I wrote this list is that these are some of the most common problems I’ve seen time and time again, even with writers who’ve been writing for a while.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is a great list of items that are poorly managed by novice writers DD214 air force alumni American flag shirt . But to clarify my point (it’ll also serve as a counterpoint): I could write you a story, a very readable, entertaining, and valuable story, that could thwart each of the above and still be a worthy read. It’s not about rules, in the end. It’s about conveying your story, with the eep respect for the reader. To do this, you need to use all the tools at your disposal, including the things in the list above. I actually had an idea for backstory, you could write it on a different file or in a different notebook and just use bits of it, so you don’t end up with the info dump. Also, It helps to decide what this character is about even if you are the only one who reads the whole thing. Hmm if a scene serves only the setting or tone, maybe even character, then I argue it doesn’t belong in the finished product.

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