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Despite Aaliyah Wilson jumpshot shirt . being one of the founding Avengers, the Hulk has had an arguably small role to play in the MCU as the only member of the team not to lead a solo project since Phase 1. Universal and Marvel reached an agreement in 2008 for the former to distribute The Incredible Hulk which starred Edward Norton as Bruce Banner before he was recast with Mark Ruffalo for The Avengers. Disney and Marvel still hold the rights to develop movies starring the Hulk, but Universal has the first refusal opportunity to distribute the project and takes a significant chunk of the profits. This complicated legal issue has since led the MCU to limit Hulk to supporting roles and omit solo projects altogether.

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Rumors have previously spread to suggest Disney may have regained the rights but have yet to be supported by anything definitive Aaliyah Wilson jumpshot shirt . Marvel Studios has also been reported to be developing a World War Hulk movie following on from the events of Disney+’s She-Hulk​​​​​​ with plans to shoot this year for a late 2023 or early 2024 release. With the current state of Hulk’s distribution rights sitting up in the air, new evidence has been uncovered to suggest when Disney will reacquire the rights. Reddit user u/vidoardes shared evidence that indicates Disney may regain the distribution rights to the Hulk in June 2023, allowing them to produce a new solo movie based on the green Avenger. Universal currently owns distribution rights to any movie starring Hulk or Namor in the leading role, meaning they receive a significant share of the profits.
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    I ordered the medium and it fits perfectly, not tight but just the right amount of loose it looks so good. Great quality, the images on the front and back are really crisp and good quality. Super soft and black isn’t sheer in any way. Love it! Thanks so much!

  2. Geralyn Hodges

    I like and nice material

  3. Laurel Fraczkowski

    very soft material

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