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They do a good job of dumping A History Of Horror Masks 1976 1980 1996 2020 T-Shirt . off those late first rounders for proven affordable guys and then getting more out of them. It’s a smart way to do things, I’ll give them that. He has consistently gotten better on the field in my opinion, not a top ten CB but a good starter. Just gotta make sure his personal life doesn’t leak onto the field like it did in 2017. In my opinion, a full but smaller stadium is a lot more fun than a half empty but huge stadium. The league should probably keep around or under 30k capacity until attendance really picks up

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I totally agree! They should really look into cities with MLS stadiums that don’t have the NFL A History Of Horror Masks 1976 1980 1996 2020 T-Shirt . Unfortunately, domes that size don’t really exist. Is it big enough for football? NBA stadiums can’t fit the football in there because of the field. Does the Tacoma dome do anything but concerts? The just started and there’s no way they’d share space like that. Perhaps some of the USL teams who could use the revenue. Although as a counterpoint, Atlanta United plays in the same stadium as the Falcons, and has shattered MLS attendance records (the MLS cup in Atlanta had higher attendance than the Super Bowl in Atlanta a few weeks apart), and is considered a more fun game day experience than Falcons games. If you can draw the crowd, more seats can be just fine. But I think this league has a ways to go before they can draw the crowd. Let me tell you, I went to see the Broncos at the soccer stadium in LA when they played the Chargers. The was THE most fun I’ve ever had in an opposing team’s venue. I mean, a majority of the present fans were wearing orange, but it seemed rather intimate. From what I’ve read has been filling the stadium to the brim every home game so they could be ready for an addition which could possibly make enough room to host an AAF team. I don’t think Milwaukee would work because baseball season will start at the end of the AAF season. Eh. There have been rumblings of closing the program due to the financials and pressure to not use general funds on football. The AAF better be paying good rent to UNI to even consider a possible addition. Also, where would you even be able to add extra seating?  I had assumed there were lots of domes out there to choose from but there really aren’t anymore. Most of the NFL/MLB ones have been torn down in recent years and the college ones are mostly too small.
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