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Re the Scottish comment 2020 Merry Quarantine Christmas shirt . We used to get that a lot, In fact, I worked in a few call centers close by to the old offices of your ISP over the years.We used to get one of the lassies with a thick wedgie accent to call them back just to piss them off further. I always feel shitty for the rep because people get so rude about it. Not even a minute later, he started his spiel and was instantly cut off. Holy shit. Girl, get the fuck away from this family. Your boyfriend has been ok so far, but he needs to recognize that this isn’t healthy, sane, or right. They are disgusting horrible abusive people with severe mental problems and you should NOT have to spend another minute in their company. I would strongly suggest that if you have to be in their presence, you should record them. Save their text messages, their emails, everything.

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My favorite was a lady who got transferred from a rep in India, and once I had her on the line she went on the longest rant about it: “this is ridiculous 2020 Merry Quarantine Christmas shirt . I’m not a stranger? You don’t know me either lady. And you have an account with us so we all have your personal information. I had one guy ask how old I was and tell me that I was so helpful he ought to pay my college tuition. Another guy called toward the end of my shift on a Friday and told me at the beginning of the call “well, I’ll make this quick so you can go enjoy your weekend partying and cuddling with your hubby.” Um. (It turned out to be an hour long call. I don’t think they’re above trying to take your child from you and you are going to have to prepare for any shit they may try. If I were you, I’d be VERY very scared of them. I think my problem is when people continuously complain about people.
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