I know that my life would have been miserable keeping track of him and his drinking or 2020 Boo Ghost Mask Thumbs Down Funny Ghost 2020 Halloween shirt . Or fighting the losing battle of wanting him to stop when he did not want to stop plus his mother enabled him since he was an only child. I went to college and Graduate School. My brother and sister barely graduated from High School. I obtained a good job that earned a good salary. My brother and sister were forced to work In lower skilled jobs, including restaurants and do not earn high salaries. I was able to purchase a nice home in a desirable neighborhood in Denver. My brother and sister live in decent homes in rural suburban Michigan. This went on for about ten minutes. I’m notoriously level headed. His big speech, which he’d waited like a coward to deliver until I was alone, wasn’t getting the reaction out of me he wanted. So he finally left, but not before releasing one final zinger that was sure to put me in my place. I’ll leave, because I choose to! But your attitude right now is just like your brain *uses both index fingers to point to his head RETARDED! Then with a smug grin and an odd little victory jig, he went out the door and slammed it behind him; convinced that he’d just really told me off. I was angry about the intrusion, but also had to suppress laughter at how ridiculous he was.