Inside Out 2 Gets Unsurprising Rating

Inside Out 2 Gets Unsurprising Rating

Inside Out 2 Gets Unsurprising Rating





Inside Out 2‘s rating was officially revealed, and it’s an unsurprising one.

In Pixar’s latest theatrical project Inside Out 2, audiences will return to the whimsical realm where a young girl’s innermost thoughts and feelings are personified.

While not every cast member from the 2015 original returned for the sequel, a host of new characters have been added.

Inside Out 2 Rating Confirmed


Inside Out 2 Gets Unsurprising Rating
Inside Out 2 Gets Unsurprising Rating

The MPAA rating for June’s Inside Out 2 was posted to and in a not-particularly-shocking move, the animated Pixar film was rated PG for “some thematic elements.”

The first Inside Out movie, released nine years ago, was also given a PG rating for similar reasons to the follow-up: “mild thematic elements and some action.”

Although Pixar’s output can occasionally deal with some heavy themes and topics (one need look no further than 2009’s Up for evidence of that), the studio’s films are always adventures that the whole family can easily enjoy.

All of Pixar’s movies are either rated G or PG. Given that Pixar itself is owned by The Walt Disney Corporation, it’s highly unlikely that any future films will be rated higher than that.

What To Expect in Inside Out 2

Like the first film, Inside Out 2 will follow the day-to-day life of Riley Andersen. Riley was 11 years old in Inside Out, but the sequel will depict her as a teenager, with all the trials and tribulations of adolescence along with it.

Riley’s emotions, represented by colorful avatars of various states of being, will also join in on the fun. Amy Poehler reprises her role as Joy, with Phillis Smith and Lewis Black joining her as Sadness and Anger, respectively.

Fear and Disgust have been recast, however. Tony Hale will replace Bill Hader as the former, and Liza Lapira will play the latter, originally voiced by Mindy Kaling.

Also promising to throw a major spanner into the works are a host of brand-new emotions that are introduced into Riley’s system at the onset of puberty. These include Anxiety, whose voice is provided by Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke.

Pixar’s Inside Out 2 hits theaters on Friday, June 14.

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