Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Actor Is Looking Jacked 

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Actor Is Looking Jacked 

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Actor Is Looking Jacked 




David Corenswet, the actor replacing Henry Cavill in the new DCU, is clearly getting into Superman shape in a newly released photo.

James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will kick off the next era of DC films at Warner Bros., moving on from Cavill and embracing a new Clark Kent.

Following the actors’ strike, Gunn confirmed that Legacy is running on schedule and will reportedly begin filming in March 2024. This gives Corenswet only a few more months to get in the best shape of his life.

Superman Actor Looks Jacked in New Photo

David Corenswet’s trainer, Paolo Mascitti, shared a photo of the upcoming Superman: Legacy star in between workouts on his Instagram page.

The actor taking over for Henry Cavill (who was always in tip-top shape as Kal-El) has cleared added muscle mass since being cast as Superman.

Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Is Looking Jacked

Mascitti simply captioned the image as “THE LEGACY” and newly hired actress Maria Gabriela De Faria (as The Engineer) commented “THE ACTUAL LEGACY!!!”

Corenswet was previously photographed serving as the cinematographer for a documentary on artist Jon Schueler. Fans quickly noticed in those images that the Superman actor was already looking jacked.

The new Superman actor has been silent on social media since being cast in Legacy back in June alongside Lois Lane actress Rachel Brosnahan.

Will David Corenswet Be a Good Superman?

Before adding several pounds of muscle, David Corenswet already looked the part of an all-American Superman who grew up on a farm in Kansas.

Prior to becoming the most popular superhero of all time, Corenswet attended Julliard and has appeared in several notable movies and streaming series.

He’s best known for his roles in the Netflix series The Politician and Hollywood as well as movies like Look Both Ways and Pearl.

In many ways, Corenswet could become ubiquitous with Superman as he hasn’t been in any massive productions and many fans may not know his work before Legacy.

For those who are fans of DC, James Gunn, or both, it’s an important reminder to have faith in all of the Legacy casting choices as the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad were brilliantly cast.

Only time will tell if audiences fall in love with Corenswet’s version of the Man of Steel, but it’s clear the actor is putting in the work to fit into the iconic suit.

Superman: Legacy is releasing in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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