Gran Turismo Movie’s Streaming Release Date Just Got Revealed

Gran Turismo Movie’s Streaming Release Date Just Got Revealed

Gran Turismo Movie’s Streaming Release Date Just Got Revealed




The official streaming release date for Sony Pictures’ Gran Turismo was recently revealed.

Gran Turismo was released in theaters on August 25 and during its run, the film grossed just over $121 million worldwide on a $60 million budget.

The racing story, which was inspired by real events, was eventually released online on digital and VOD platforms on September 26, just one month after it began its theatrical run.

As with any title released today, many fans have been patiently waiting for Gran Turismo to be added to a streaming service for more convenient viewing.

When Will Gran Turismo Come to Streaming?

Gran Turismo Movie's Streaming Release Date Just Got Revealed

According to WhenToStream, Sony Pictures’ Gran Turismo starring David Harbour and Orlando Bloom will be officially streaming on Netflix beginning on Friday, December 15.

This is 112 days after its theatrical release, close to the average 120-day window that Sony has utilized since striking the Pay-One streaming deal with Netflix.

Since the film was made available for purchase on VOD and digital platforms on September 26, it is important to note that the December 15 date is nearly three full months later, meaning that Sony likely wanted to maximize its profits and leave it exclusively on digital platforms for as long as possible.

It is also worth noting that Netflix subscribers will not have to pay any additional cost to stream Gran Turismo once it hits the platform.

How Will Gran Turismo Fare in the Streaming Race?

Many studios try to strategically release their films on streaming services during specific dates in hopes that as many people will watch their films as possible.

For example, December 15 is a great time for any film to begin streaming as it is right before the Christmas holiday. Since some people elect to take time off from work and most schools give their students a break at this time, Gran Turismo could perform fairly well in terms of streaming statistics.

Although the film didn’t have an incredible box office performance, the general audience still seemed to enjoy it, and there is possibly a multitude of people who still want to watch it and are just waiting for it to stream.

Therefore, the combination of that fact with its release date could mean that Gran Turismo could be one of the most-streamed movies of December, which would be a big win for Sony Pictures and Netflix.

Gran Turismo is currently available for purchase on digital and VOD platforms and will be available to stream on Netflix beginning Friday, December 15.

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