Chris Hemsworth Danced to ABBA In Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene

Chris Hemsworth Danced to ABBA In Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene

Chris Hemsworth Danced to ABBA In Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene



Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to dive into the comedic side of the franchise, especially considering that Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is involved. The upcoming MCU sequel reunites Waititi with most of the Ragnarok cast, with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, Russell Crowe’s Zeus, and Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher as its notable additions.

Waititi previously shared lead stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman will be both “funnier” in the sequel, saying that the dynamic between them will be something to watch out for. That said, it seems that the promise has been fulfilled, as the first reactions to Love and Thunder are generally positive, with a good chunk of them praising the film’s comedy.

Now, while fans are waiting for its worldwide release, new details about a hilarious deleted scene are already making rounds online.

A Dance-Off Featuring Thor?


Chris Hemsworth Danced to ABBA In Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene
Chris Hemsworth Danced to ABBA In Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene

During an interview with Kevin McCarthy, Thor star Chris Hemsworth revealed interesting details about a scrapped dance sequence in Thor: Love and Thunder.

When McCarthy discussed the actor’s “dancing aspect” of his career while also asking for a Thor dance sequence at some point, Hemsworth shared that there was a scene where the God of Thunder showed off his dance skills while an ABBA song is playing in the background:

McCarthy: “We talked about Spiderhead and talked about the dancing aspect of your career and the things you’ve done in dancing. We need a Thor dance scene at some point now.”

Hemsworth: “There was…to an ABBA song…but it didn’t make the movie for a few reasons. It’s a full dance scene. It’s a full dance-off shooting lightning out his fingertips and so on.”

ABBA is known for its pop songs such as Dancing QueenI Have a Dream, and Take a Chance on Me.

Hemsworth was also asked what lesson Thor has taught him about himself throughout his portrayal, to which the actor responded by saying that it was the character’s vulnerability. The MCU veteran also discussed his journey from playing the character from the first Thor film up to now:

“The first film was very much, a young man, a teenager almost, trying to understand what [he needs] to be a man and embody all that he needs to embody to be a mature adult. And there was a sort of uncertainty with the character as there was with myself playing the character. I didn’t know if I was going to be recast at any minute. As the character has evolved, I’ve grown as well. I think what I didn’t have as much of in the earlier films was allowing myself to be vulnerable in the way he does. On and off screen, I think we walked around and think we have to be this certain thing and hold it together. I think vulnerability is such a beautiful access point for the people as individuals and a character on screen for the audience, allowing yourself to be open and say ‘Hey, this is the truth, and this is what I’m feeling.’ The vast majority of people want to support you through that, and it’s accessible and it’s relatable. And then also having a sense of humor, not taking yourself too serious. I think as the character has done that, I myself have felt that too.”

Will Thor Dance in a Future MCU Project?

It would’ve been hilarious to witness Thor’s impressive dancing skills on screen, but this deleted scene could still be showcased when Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Blu-ray arrives later this year.

Given that Chris Hemsworth confirmed that Thor was dancing to the tune of ABBA, it remains to be seen which song from the Swedish pop group was playing during the scene. ABBA’s “I Have A Dream” is a possible song choice, mainly because of the God of Thunder’s dream to finally retire from being a superhero. A dance sequence revolving around that idea could fit that premise.

In addition, Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 featured songs from the 1970s, an era when ABBA was famous. That said, it’s possible that the deleted dance sequence could involve Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in a hilarious dance-off.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth’s comment about learning to channel his vulnerability through Thor is a fitting moment for the actor and this could also serve as a tease for what’s to come for the titular Asgardian in Thor 4. Facing Gorr could be his greatest challenge yet, but being vulnerable alongside his ex, Jane Foster could actually be the key to finding peace for himself.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere in theaters on July 8.

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